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Do You Remember The First Time?

Aug 20, 2020

This weeks guest is Josh Holliday, the editor behind indie music site Dots & Dashes

A self confessed labour of love, Dots & Dashes has been a stronghold and trusted source for quality independent music for over ten years and we explore how is first forays into music helped shaped his career. 

Josh's first is a DYRTFT...

Aug 6, 2020

Tuning in from Portland, Oregon, this weeks guest is the one and only Aaron Draplin. There are many podcasts out there featuring the man himself but none quite like this one. 

The hugely successful designer and keynote speaker is known for his relentless speaking tours around the globe, his work for the likes of Nike,...

Jul 30, 2020

We are joined by Elaine Robertson of Old Blue Last Beer, who also happens to be a transatlantic hospitality legend. 

Her first gig was Skatefest 1995 also known as the very first edition of the Warped tour. Elaine attended the Toronto show on this tour, taking place at the CNE and featuring L7, Quicksand and loads of...

Jul 23, 2020

We speak with Franco Allen of Booze House Tales fame on his very own stories of Musing and Boozing at concerts.

As a man known for being regularly found at pubs, clubs, and many a venue, his gigging life surprisingly began with Muse at Earl's Court in 2004, a show that our host Gordon also attended. From there we...

Jul 9, 2020

We speak with Ben Rimmer, a musician from Oxford best known for his time in the bands Trophy Wife and Jonquil

Ben grew up in Oxford and somehow avoided Radiohead until 2001, when he fell into them in a big way. From this his love of electronic music also grew, leading him to unique first festival experience the likes...